Connect Camera - Quick start guide

This instruction describes a few easy steps to connect your camera to ParkingWatcher.

Main rules of using web-cameras with ParkingWatcher:
  • One web-camera can be associated only with a single parking. In future, it will be possible to stitch camera views from several cameras to cover a single larger parking area.
  • Please have in mind, that in the version of ParkingWatcher you are using, it is possibly to add only one parking, and use only one camera associated with it.

Requirements for the web-camera:
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection
  • FTP functional for pushing images
  • “Auto Snap” functional

Attention: quality of the operation in low light conditions are not guaranteed.

Just for the sake of illustration, we will use Wanscam HW0043 that proved to have acceptable qualities for ParkingWatcher application, including all-weather design, and low price.

Camera positioning
The need to power camera using a power cord may reduce options of choosing location to install webcamera. An option that may work for you is installing it indoors, for example, on a windowsill. In such a case, Wanscam HW0043 would not be a good choice as its design is optimized for wall-mounting.

Choose an optimal camera position and a view angle allowing to snap the whole parking area or its major fragment, not shaded by objects such as trees and buildings. The parking area should be located neither too close nor too far. The camera should not be positioned too low (e.g., ground floor).

Let’s prepare the webcam:
  • Unpack you webcam
  • Turn on power
  • Connect the webcam via Ethernet
  • Go to webcam settings via a web browser (please read webcam manual how to open its Settings page)

1. Go to camera settings page of the web-camera and open FTP settings tab:

Set server name:
port: 2121
login: your login
password: your password
(You can find your login and password here It is auto-generated first time you are logging into the system.)

2. Go to «Auto Snap» settings and set FTP Snapshot interval: 60 seconds, enable the checkbox Save Picture to the FTP Server and press the Apply button.
3. At this point, it may be required to restart the camera.
4. Wait 1 - 2 minutes while the camera is restarting.
5. Being logged in to ParkingWatcher, choose “Add Parking” and follow on-screen instructions
6. Choose the parking to be publicly available on the world map (“Public”) or visible only to you or people you give a web link - (“Private”).

7. Choose your camera and confirm your choice, press “Save” button.
8. Then, at Dashboard -> Parking View (choose your parking) – Camera View you can see first snapshot coming from your camera.

Note: A PC application to use a simple web-camera connected via an USB cable is coming soon

You are done! Please tell us about any issues you meet using email or the feedback form on the site